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What is SquadUP?

SquadUP provides hosts and event-goers with an immersive social event experience through their web and mobile devices. Hosts create a central, highly customizable event page and may send invitations, track RSVPs, sell tickets and collect donations.

SquadUP transforms the event experience with an end-to-end, mobile first solution for event planning, messaging, image sharing and ticketing. No existing event platform provides a solution that spans planning, ticketing, messaging and photo and video sharing. Only SquadUP provides organizers with tools to continually engage event attendees before, during, and after the event.

Don't get stuck using a variety of platforms to engage attendees, as well as plan, ticket, communicate and share experiences. SquadUP is the comprehensive solution for event hosts of any size that allows for hosts and attendees alike to focus on making their event epic.

Start planning your perfect event today.

Mobile First
Event Management

Full event management and ticketing for mobile and web.


Check guests in from our web or mobile apps. Check-ins auto-update in real-time across multiple devices.

Continuous Mobile Engagement

Guests and hosts can communicate as well as share pictures and videos via the chat and Social Gallery.

Mobile Event Discovery and Registration

Browse events, view details, and get your tickets - all from our app!

Event Chat

Create a private event chat for just you and your guests.

Event Specific Chat

Use the event-specific chatroom to communicate with event attendees in real time.

Share Your Location

Send your location to the group chat. Meeting up with your friends has never been easier.

Send Photos & Videos

Share images / videos from your library, or take new ones with your camera.

Stay Connected

Receive notifications every time there is a chat in your event. Never miss important information, funny pictures or videos.

Everything a Host Needs, Accessible on Mobile or Web!

Create an Event

Create a central, highly customizable mobile and web page for your event. Send invitations, track RSVPs, sell tickets, and collect donations.

Cloud-Based Check-In

Search for guests and check them in using our One-Tap system or scan QR codes using your smartphone camera or peripheral scanning device.

Full Mobile Event Management

View funds, contact guests, edit your event, and request a cashout to Venmo, PayPal, Dwolla, or mailed check.

Set a hashtag for your event and track all of the content in the Social Gallery!

Aggregate user-generated content

Pull content from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram into a social stream using the event specific hashtag you choose.

Easy to Customize

Just set an event-specific hashtag and watch the auto-updating social media posts pour in. Event organizers/administrators can edit the Social Gallery as they see fit.

Always Accessible

The Social Gallery is made permanently available, creating a virtual memory book based on your event.

App social gallery

SquadUP App

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