What is SquadUP?

Successful events depend on strong communication, which is why SquadUP lets users create a customized event webpage that seamlessly integrates with all social media channels. From the event page, hosts can send invitations, track RSVPs, sell tickets, collect donations, and communicate with guests in real-time. Before, during and after the event, hosts and guests can collaborate, sharing photos and event details from their own SquadRoom.

Don't just create an event, have an experience.

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Create an Event

Click "Create an Event," set your details (event name, location, time, description, picture, and price) and invite your friends.

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Invite Your Friends

By linking with social platforms or major email providers, you can invite friends to your events and see what events they're attending. Your guests can help spread the word by sharing events through seamless social integration.

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Accept Payments

Guests can pay using a credit or debit card.

Our safe and secure payment provider ensures you never have to worry about inputting sensitive information.

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Track RSVPs and Event Funds

Track RSVPs, money collected, and ticket sales from your custom webpage.

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Are you ready to plan your perfect event?