About Us

Our Platform

SquadUP is the next generation event management and ticketing platform dedicated to creating an experience instead of just an event. We provide social integration and sharing, event-specific content curation from social media platforms, real-time messaging, photo sharing and mobile check-in, as well as the ability to sell tickets and collect donations.

SquadUP supports organizers from the time they create their custom web and mobile event page to the event itself, and even post-event when guests can review the photos in the social gallery to relive the experience.

Why SquadUP?

Thanks to our unparalleled feature set and customer service, industry-leading pricing and best in-class mobile app, SquadUP offers an event experience you cannot get elsewhere. Additionally, with our feature-packed mobile app, your guests will be able to sign up for events, access tickets and communicate in real-time while you take advantage of host management tools like On-Tap check-in. Take advantage of our professional add-on services, including Custom URL Allocation, Design to HTML conversion, Custom Event Page Design and Professional Event Management Services.