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Why Become a SquadUP Brand Ambassador?

School/Career Benefits

  • School credit
  • Hands on experience at an emerging NYC startup
  • The top brand ambassador on each campus gets promoted to Campus Captain at the end of the semester
  • Great for resume building and job recommendations
  • We work in a respected NYC co-working space with 100 other startups that use our brand ambassador program as a way to recruit recent graduates. If you’re interested in working for an NYC startup, the SquadUP Brand Ambassador Program is the perfect start.


To jumpstart our brand’s presence on your campus, we’re giving away $1000 open bars on 50 campuses! If your school is on the list and you apply to the program, we’ll come to your campus. And if it’s not, convince us. Last spring, a couple of students at the University of Pittsburgh asked us to add their school, so we did! The open bar event will be free for you and all of your friends. You even get to pick the bar!

iPad Raffle (Events)

  • We put your name into the raffle for every event you throw*. Throw 10 events and your name will be in the hat 10 times. No limit.
*for free events, there must be more than 50 registrants

iPad Raffle (Guests)

  • We put your name into the raffle for every guest that registers for your events. If 50 of your friends RSVP you get 50 entries. Throw 10 50-person events and your name will be in the hat 500 times. No limit.

FUNdraising with SquadUP

  • The top fundraising event each month will get a nice boost from the SquadUP charity fund. We’ll donate $500 to the winning nonprofit!

Get Creative!

  • If you can think of an event that’s never been hosted before on the SquadUP platform, we’ll give you $100 to get things started! Limit 1 per month.

Who Should Join the SquadUP Brand Ambassador Program?

We are looking for socially motivated, organized, driven students looking for an entrepreneurial experience. Ideally, our brand ambassadors will have connections to multiple campus networks or organizations. The program will consist of working an hour or less a week developing and executing a strategic marketing plan, using SquadUP for applicable events in your life, and participating in SquadUP promotions. This work will be rewarded with SquadUP gear and money to help throw events.