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RIP Admission to the annual Halloween event at Black Bear Saloon on Saturday October 28, 2017.
Venue: Black Bear Saloon
Address: 187 Allyn St, Hartford, CT

Price $6.66
Fee $5.51

Event Description

Halloween in Hartford = insanity. We all know this to be true. Hartford is a town highly underrated for its bar and nightlife reputation. Halloween is no exception. Located in the heart of Hartford, 187 Allyn St, Black Bear Saloon is known as the top destination for weekly events. So why not consider Black Bear Saloon for a holiday such as Halloween? The witches and brooms will be out in the streets. The grim reaper and his scythe will be out in the streets. All you need to do is, blend in!  Think about a scary, sexy, funny, or even wacky costume that'll uplift your Halloween. Once you've got that set, Black Bear Saloon is the destination for you. Enjoy a reasonably priced Halloween event where the party crowd never disappoints. Draft beers, risque cocktails, nachos/burgers - we have it all. Hartford is full of young spunky party people and there's no better time of the year than Halloween to take advantage of the awesome community here. Let Hartford's own, Black Bear Saloon, be your vantage point for Halloween 2017. Doors open at 9PM and the party goes on until the graveyard shift ends.

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