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One of the best career opportunities for dentists nowadays is incorporating Botox in their practices and making Botox available at their clinics. It is a quick procedure that requires very little time allotment per patient, and the learning curve is very small, especially for dentists and medical practitioners who already have an extensive knowledge of facial anatomy. Making the choice to make Botox available at your practice gives you the option to greatly expand your patient base, garner rave reviews and turn in a massive profit. This is especially true if you consider the sheer number of people who choose Botox and dermal fillers to going under the knife for cosmetic surgery. And it’s a procedure that is appealing to women and men of all affording financial statuses, not just the celebs and A listers who want it. It’s a wise decision both career wise and economically.

When you decide to take a Botox training course, it only makes sense to choose the best course possible so as to have maximum patient satisfaction and compliance. This is where Dentox’s online Botox training course comes in. Efficient, comprehensive, and deigned perfectly to suit busy medical and dental practitioners, the course is a set of online sessions which cover everything from the procedures, techniques needed for different areas, different injections, different types of fillers and Botox derivatives available, relative cost and value differences, and emergency responses and safety with preventive measures. In addition to all this, it explains the procedures for getting a license for Botox practice in several states too. And all this is available online, because it is unreasonable and impractical for practitioners with such hectic schedulesto come haring across the city at fixed times to take on-spot classes. Being online, they can be availed conveniently by each practitioner.

And as if this wasn’t appealing enough, the Dentox online Botox training course is actually supervised by Dr. Howard Katz, one of the men behind the creation of Botox, and one of the original patent holders. While Dr. Katz does not physically take the course, he is accessible and available both during the course and after its duration, and personally responds and helps resolve all doubts and queries about the course, the techniques, safety measures, whatever doubts you  may have. The whole process is crystal clear in delivery and content, and fully comprehensive.

And it is incredibly user friendly, too. Throughout the procedure, the students can stay in touch with the instructors via live chat or phone, and it doesn’t require any high tech gadgetry either. You just need a working internet connection and you can maintain connectivity and resolve doubts even with your phone’s camera. The certificate for course completion comes via email, so there’s no prolonged delay in delivery or registration either. The physical copy of the certificate is also delivered. And the certificate personally certifies you by the inventor himself. You can even approach Dr. Katz after the duration of the course, and he will respond with an answer to your phot or query within a day. In fact, this is not something just first timers need to look into. Even people who have taken the course can take it as a refresher course, to reacquaint themselves with the updated subject matter and techniques. And it even counts as Continued Medical Education credits, so the course is triply useful for you!

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