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Mondayy-Friday Regular $45.00
option to purchase lunch day of event
• Exhibitor Pass Tues-Thurs
• FITCE Seminar Series Tues-Fri
• FITCE Closing Cultural Celebration

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Event Description

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On October 12-16, 2015 Greater Fort Lauderdale, Broward County and all of South Florida will welcome international cities to the top region business opportunity destinations in the world. FITCE will expand Broward County as the premier importing and exporting trading capital, while helping to establish new businesses and nurture existing businesses to continue growing.

  • Meet one-on-one with international delegates
  • Meet former presidents and government leaders
  • Meet business delegations from various countries
  • Interact with entrepreneurs, chambers of commerce leaders, business alliance and councils
  • Get to meet seasoned importers/exporters, and representatives from Broward County’s three leading public economic engines: Port Everglades, Fort Lauderdale –Hollywood International Airport and The Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • Network with Broward County’s Cultural Division, Enterprise Florida, and The Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance
  • Expose your products and services to other countries delegates, products and services seekers
  • Showcase your products and services to over 2500 local businesses, entrepreneurs and top business executives

FITCE VISION:  To welcome new businesses, to collaborate and connect with Florida’s community at large while providing tools and resources for those wanting to live and work in South Florida.

Who will participate:  Over 200 International Companies and over 400 United States established companies.

Media Coverage will hit 8.1 Million International Viewers (NTN24)

  • A Combined and Powerful Marketing Database of over 1.0 M contacts
  • A Powerful Marketing Social Media Network to reach over 2.0 millions entrepreneurs, executive and small business owners
  • PR that will follow Former Presidents, Government Officials and Heads of State
  • South Florida News (TV, Radio and Print)
  • Statewide Florida Press Coverage

 It takes a global village to make an impact! How is this Expo different?  FITCE is strategically focused on redefining South Florida’s reputation as THE place to establish your business in the global market. With strategic founding partners leaders in their disciplines, FITCE brings together, never before done Florida’s Chambers of Commerce, A global Partners with the necessary experience in bringing businesses together, a non for profit recognized entity that advocates for the democracy to empower economy in Hispanic Countries, and a powerful networking organization, all building the most powerful convention ever in Florida.

The FITCE Team is creating this event in partnership with the import and export experts in South Florida. These agencies have, for decades, established themselves as the authorities leading the way to help ensure Broward County is known as THE place to do business. They are FITCE strategically partners: Broward County Office of Economic and Small Business Development, Broward 100, International Business Trade Expo, Greater Fort Lauderdale Sister Cities, and others to assure a total success of FITCE.

Education is a vital component to our convention:

  • 11 Steps to Exporting – A Road map to your Exporting Success!
  • Thomas Wong – U.S. State Dept. Office of Economic Policy and Summit Coordination -BUREAU OF WESTERN HEMISPHERE AFFAIRS
  • Expanding your Global Sales to Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Financing your Small Business and Exports
  • Grow your Cash Flow with Foreign Trade Zones
  • Doing Business with the World: Presentations from Consulates, Trade Commissioners and Bi-National Chambers about their top exports and imports with Florida and how to do business with their countries
  • Best Market Opportunities in Europe
  • Success in the Emerging Markets: ASIA, AFRICA & MIDDLE EAST
  • Expanding your Business to South Florida

And, let’s not forget that it wouldn’t be South Florida without all the incredible cultural elements in our region. There will be many artistic performances throughout the Expo to highlight the passion that exists in our community.

Why is FITCE important? Florida’s Future is Global Trade!  South Florida total trade with the world in 2013 was $120.49 billion in goods sourced in the state; and has more than 60,000 companies registered to export.It is time to help them take their businesses to the next level and bring new global businesses to the region.

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