Friday's GOLD Pool Party Crawl


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Friday's GOLD World Crawl Pool Party Pass

May 3, 2019, at 11:00 AM Access for 1(one) to Friday's PLATINUM Pool Party Crawl. Line Bypass, Faster than VIP Entry No Cover Charges Drinks & Best Specials Available Photos of the Day Party Games Hosted Pool Parties

Price $115.00
Fee $4.17

Event Description

Friday's GOLD Pool Party Crawl:

Prior to 11:00 am guests will meet at the check-in spot Carlos n Charlies located in the Flamingo Hotel to get checked in and get introduced to the other partiers. (Check-in ends at 12:00 pm)

The group will head over to Drais Beach Club, located at the Cromwell Hotel, and then after experiencing the excitement at Drais, we will get on the party bus to go to the next venue Daylight located at the Mandalay Bay.

All Included:

    • No cover charges

    • Drinks & specials

    • Photos from the day

    • Drinking games

    • Hosted Pool Parties

    • Line bypass, faster than VIP entry

    Viva Las Vegas! When Las Vegas pops up into your head you think casinos, nightlife, gambling, the Hangover, and even Elvis. But you, my dear sir or madam, do not truly know Vegas. Las Vegas is truly a prime spot, perhaps the best in the world when it comes to hot, sexy and wet pool parties! When the desert sun rises Las Vegas becomes the number 1  hotspot in the world for pool parties. As the producers of the world's largest pub crawls and now pool parties, it's fair to say that we know a thing or two about a good scene. Unsure about which pool party to go to when you come to Vegas with your friends, or perhaps the group is divided about where to go. Let us help you out, join our pool crawl and visit multiple pools all in one day. You'll be making new friends with other crawlers at the very start of the crawl before the crawl even starts! I know this sounds too awesome, but this is the Las Vegas reality. Just remember, "What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas"


Las Vegas (Various Venues)
Las Vegas, NV, USA

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