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Last Goddessation Breathwork presented at Full Circle Venice on Sunday, February 26th! It's been an honor and joy offering the Goddess work at FCV. 

Once again, I personally offer my deepest GRATITUDE to Andrew Keegan, Adriany Poluan, Amelia Swaggert and everyone at FCV for supporting this vision and co-creating with me this last 14 months. Full Circle Venice continues to be a powerful portal for those who are here to up-level humanity. May the vision of FCV evolve into the next level of co-creation & collaboration and continue to bless everyone that they come in contact with. 

Final opportunity at FCV to dive deep and fly high in freedom and bliss through your breath in the GODDESS realms with conscious medium and healer Aravel Garduno. 

Sunday, February 26th from 6-9pm PST

New Matrix  Sacred Alchemy Breathwork

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I had an amazing experience at the Goddess Breathwork event with Aravel on JAN 29, 2017. I experienced a definite healing upgrade! At one point while we were moving our bodies, to my amazement, I heard the goddess ask me if I was ready to accept her. Once I said yes, I could feel her energy filling me and warming me from the inside out. It was such a powerful moment, it felt as if a part of myself had returned to me and I was now an embodiment of the goddess. I could then feel us moving as one and I felt so much joy, grace and freedom. I had done a lot of healing work in the past and nothing like this had ever happened before. It's been a week since the event and I still continue to feel that joy and the goddess inside of me and have been experiencing shifts in my life. I definitely made huge progress at the event and will be returning for more. Many Blessings and Thank you!!!

~ Diana Navarro

It is not easy to convey what I have received from Aravel over the past 6 years. Aravel has truly given me a new lease on life. This has happened through her healing transmissions, teachings, and personal guidance. The settings have been: Aravel's retreats, in-person sessions, and distance personal and group sessions. When I met Aravel, I was almost crumbling as I pursued my spiritual and healing practices. I was determined in will force, but my body was not able to handle the work. With Aravel's help, beginning with the Crystalline Consciousness Work, I have been able to move forward in ways, spiritually, artistically, and as part of a beautiful collective, that I could never have anticipated. I treasure Aravel as healer, mentor, teacher, and friend. It is my wish that many others might receive the tremendous burst of health, happiness, and growth toward full potential that I have received via Aravel. My daughter has also received so much from her-- Aravel has helped to create a powerful mother/daughter team!

~ Pamela Saylor


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