Let's Break a World Record — Biggest Flavor Tripping Party!


Hosted by Shabbat Social and Fiestah Contact Host


Register By: Wednesday, March 26 at 6:00PM

Ticket Information

I'll attend! (free beer included)
Price $5.00
Fee $2.31
I'll flavor trip! (free beer + 2 flavor tripping berries included)
Price $10.00
Fee $2.57

Event Description

You've just snagged an invite to the trendiest party in New York City. Feel like flavor tripping? Well, join us at the Village Pourhouse to give your taste buds a trip of a lifetime.

What is "flavor tripping"? This centuries-old concept is the consumption of a miracle fruit that temporarily makes sour & bitter foods (e.g. lemons, grapefruits, vinegar) taste amazingly delicious. These miracle berries are incidentally not a drug at all but are rather perfectly legal fruits that leave a flavor-distorting effect behind on our taste buds.

Intrigued? We know you are. Join us on Wednesday, March 26th, as we throw the largest flavor tripping party NYC has ever seen. First beer is on us.

$5 to attend
$10 for ticket + 2 flavor tripping candy (which each last 30min each).

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