Immerse: Ministering in the Power of the Holy Spirit


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Event Description

March 24-31: Ministering in the Power of the Holy Spirit

God wants to make His home in us. In fact, the Bible reveals that Jesus longs to fill human beings with the fire of the Holy Spirit. Yet many Christians shy away from understanding the person and work of the Holy Spirit due to the endless controversies surrounding the gifts of the Spirit, for example, tongues, healing, prophecy, and other manifestations. They avoid the controversies by asserting that they will focus solely on Jesus. However, it is simply a false notion that you can love Jesus fully without giving any attention to what the Bible says about the Holy Spirit.

This program combines theological teaching along with practical hands-on training to give biblical insight and personal confidence to minister in the power of the Holy Spirit. Participants will learn how to partner with the Holy Spirit in ministry and increase their ability to discern supernatural activity.

This week you will:

    Encounter God in worship and prayer

    Grow in passion for Jesus and His Word

    Be refreshed and strengthened spiritually

    Connect with other like-minded believers

    Get better equipped to impact this generation

We invite you to join our IHOPKC family for eight days to gain insight into the Person and role of the Holy Spirit in practical ministry, along with the lifestyle necessary to cultivate the gifts and activity of the Holy Spirit in a consistent way.  This program is ideal for those already operating in the gifts of the Spirit, desiring to take their experience to the next level, to those who are just beginning and desire to operate in the gifts for the very first time, as well as everyone in between!

The $199 fee combines dynamic corporate worship, solid theological teaching and Spirit-led ministry times with relevant group discussion, practical hands-on training, prophetic ministry, and more.

Immerse is an IHOPKC program, not an IHOPU school or internship. This means that international participants do not require a student visa. If your country has a visa waiver program with the US, you do not need a visa to attend Immerse. Otherwise, you may require a visitor visa.


By registering for this program you understand and agree that Immerse staff will be taking photos and may publish them in any format or media without additional permission from you if you are in the photo.


If you need a visa to enter the United States, we advise you not to register until you have obtained your visa.


Registration and translation fees for International House of Prayer events are not refundable and non-transferable.


All discounts MUST be applied online and can only be applied online at the time of registration.


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