Tech808: D.C. - The Only Hip Hop-Inspired Tech Entrepreneurship UN-Conference


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Tech808: The Only Hip Hop Inspired Tech Startup Conference

THE MIXTAPE AS AN MVP:  What To Expect At Tech808 DC: The UnConference.

This time around we wanted to do something really special for our DC community. 

In partnership with the George Washington University Business School, we are limiting our event to 100 people!

Yup you read that correctly, ONLY 100 Go Getters will be allowed in the building!

But Why? 

We wanted to keep the group small and intimate to strengthen the education and the connections that will be made that day. 

We realized that our speakers are full of KNOWLEDGE and we want YOU to take full advantage of this! 

We also want YOU to connect with each other in a more meaningful way. As Entrepreneurs ourselves we know how important it is to have each others back. So we want YOU to connect with each other and build REAL SOLID RELATIONSHIPS. Can't do that with 500 people in the room!

So get ready to #BossUP on a whole new level while also sharing your OWN knowledge! #LetsGetIT

VERSE 1: THE PROBLEM - Standing out, the bad way.

Have you ever been to a startup tech conference or event and felt alone?

If you are like us, you probably found the handful of people who looked just like you and sat with them most of the day. 

As you sat there, did you really want to hear the same boring things come from the same boring “GURUs?”

You know what we mean: the same old boring PowerPoint presentations that someone copied off a textbook. No real substance, just a page full of buzzwords in hopes that you IDENTIFY them as a GURU or THOUGHT LEADER.

Was that really worth your time and money??????

We know it. You know it. This is BULLSHIT!

So just like how Hip Hop was created, we decided to do something about it, with some swag.


VERSE 2: WHAT IS TECH808? - No fluff. Just executable advice.

This is not your typical conference or event.

Tech808 events are special because of our diverse lineup of speakers are inspired by Hip Hop and will help you step your game up! 

They will teach you the tactics they used to build their businesses, not something they copied from a textbook.

All of our speakers started at the bottom and built their dreams with minimal resources. 

Network = Tech808 = Net Worth

Don’t get gassed though, our speakers are dope, but YOU are the real star at Tech808.

Not only do you get to learn from a diverse set of speakers, you will be able to connect with other bold and daring hustlers building their dreams and share your stories and experiences!

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You never know who you might be sitting next to at Tech808, it could be an investor, your future business partner or even someone in press that can present you to the world. You don’t have to worry about feeling alone any more!

After Tech808, you’ll have the tools and network you need to chase your dreams and make them happen.

Tech808 was one of the most anticipated conferences last year when we partnered with NYU Tisch's Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, because of its unique pairing of Hip Hop and Tech Entrepreneurship. We are bringing that same energy to DC but in an even more intimate environment!!

It's time to do it all over again....


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If you are interested in partnering with us for this event, please contact Anthony Frasier at


TECH808: The UnConference will be hosted at Duques Hall, at the legendary Business School @  George Washington University.

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If you have any PR/Media inquiries, please contact Wanda Reynolds at


TECH808 is a periodic conference held in major metropolitan areas across the United States. Our goal is to bring successful entrepreneurs and investors within the tech and minority community to teach and inspire future leaders and bosses.

All talks will be recorded and posted on The Phat Startup for our community to view on-demand and promoted via social media throughout our network on Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 


Disclaimer: Tech808 event ticket sales are non-refundable, non-transferable and final. If an event is cancelled due to speaker availability, weather, or any other unforeseeable event you will be refunded. If an event date has to be changed due to the speaker or any other unforeseeable event, you will have 48-hours to request a refund if you are unable to make the new event date. Please email us at for any additional ticketing issues.

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