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Hip Hop + Tech Entrepreneurship = We All WIN!!

Tech808 is one of the most anticipated conferences of the year because of its unique pairing of Hip Hop and Entrepreneurship. Looking to take your dreams to the next level and build a business you can be proud of? This November in New York City, The Phat Startup and the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at New York University brings together a diverse range of industry leaders, and startup founders all influenced by Hip Hop to educate the community on Entrepreneurship . 

Tech808 will explore the world of entrepreneurship through the lens of people actually in the trenches making it happen. Not a billionaire that has others building their dreams.  Each talk will leave YOU inspired but also ready to take it to the next level with executable actionable advice! 

Wait no Jay Z or P Diddy?  We believe real learning takes place when you learn from people building out their dreams , not the person that has built an empire. We can learn from someone like Jay Z but the tactics people in the trenches are using RIGHT NOW, can make a big difference in your company. 

They won’t be selling you their dreams, they will be there educating you on how you can go from dream chasers to businessmen and women.

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Special pitches featuring:

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Tech808 / NYU



Lauren Maillian: Founding Partner, Gen Y Capital Partners


PANEL: Navigating Silicon Alley

Minerva Tantoco: CTO, New York City

Ray Velez, CTO, RazorFish

Jessica Santana: Co-Founder, New York On Tech


The Ten Code Commandments:  An Actionable Plan on How to Learn How to Code Within Two Months.

Jamal & Felicia O'Garro: Founders, Code Crew


Afternoon Chill out / Networking


How I Made the Switch from Music to Tech

Amos Winbush: Founder & CEO, CyberSynchs


Turn Tragedy into Triumph: Success Through Extreme Failure

James Altucher: Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author, Podcaster


PANEL: How To Become a Content Marketing Expert

Aubrey Flynn: VP of Digital, Combs Enterprises

Brandon Hixon: Founder, We Make Music

Alexandra Wolf: Founder, Bossbabe Inc.

Ross Simmons: Founder, Hustle Grind Co.

Janel Martinez: Founder, Ain't I Latina


The Digital Media Starter Kit

Kazeem Famuyide: Founder & Editor-in-Chief,

Moderated by Tani Chambers


Go 0-100 Real Quick w/ Your Startup

Tristan Walker: Founder, Walker & Co. (Bevel)

Jahde: Developer


Diversity Drives Innovation

Frans Johansson: Entrepreneur  & Best-Selling Author


Tech Incubating Within the Music Industry + Pitches

J Erving: VP, Atom Factory & Smashd


The Wrap Up + Special Performance by Divine - The 4th Letter



In addition to learning from the best there will be  opportunities to interact and engage with other attendees.This is the perfect opportunity to connect and create lasting relationships that can propel your brand or business to the next level. 

Your NETWORK is your NET WORTH; now is your chance to get connected to fellow elite, motivated entrepreneurs that will increase your chances of success.  

At our events you just never know who you are sitting next to. It could be an investor you always wanted to meet, it might be a cofounder for your business, or it might just be a multiplatinum selling artist. You just never know!

About The Phat Startup:

The Phat Startup is a media company that provides premium educational content to aspiring entrepreneurs. We provide workshops, online education and live events inspired by Hip Hop.

We put on for our culture and we are culture driven! 

Refund Policy:

Please note all ticket sales are final. The Phat Startup will provide a refund if it is done by October 14th. The Phat Startup will NOT provide any refunds for ticket sales for Tech808 after this date. 

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ZeemuffinZeemuffin (Renowned DJ)


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Divine The 4th Letter (Rapper, Entrepreneur, Motivator)


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TECH808 is a periodic conference held in major metropolitan areas across the United States. Our goal is to bring successful entrepreneurs and investors within the tech and minority community to teach and inspire future leaders and bosses.

All talks will be recorded and posted for our community to view on-demand and promoted via social media throughout our network on Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

Disclaimer: We get it, things happen. We will refund or reassign your ticket for you as long as you let us know early on (30 days before event). Day of  cancellations will not be honored at all.

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