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Get ready for COMBAT!!!!!! This event is LIMITED to 40 PEOPLE!

The internet is a war zone, everyone has a voice and everyone spits ether whether it’s through a blog, social media or the newest craze PODCASTING.

Everybody and their mommas are hosting podcasts now. A new one is launched every minute of the day, but most never make it past a month. So how do you survive?

This month we cover just that during our next installment of the #bossup series. We got our homies Reggie Osse and Premium Pete from the Combat Jack Show to come educate our community! Ready to start creating or taking your podcast to legendary levels? Then you don’t want to miss this!

If you never heard of the Combat Jack Show, you better get familiar real quick. They have quickly become one of the best podcasts in the Hip Hop lane and it doesn’t seem like they will stop until they have the #1 spot on complete lock down!

The OGs:

Reggie Osse- Think of your favorite artist in Hip Hop, chances are Reggie has represented them. Reggie is a Hip Hop attorney, executive and former managing editor of The Source turned entrepreneur. He is flexing his entrepreneurial muscles by running a network of podcasts he founded called Loud Speakers Network.  

The man lives, breathes and monetizes on podcasting. There is no one better in Hip Hop prepared to educate our community!

Premium Pete- If you are into the sneaker culture then you probably heard about Pete. Pete has not only built strong relationships with your favorite artists but he also built a sneaker empire with his various shops and You can catch him hosting a sneaker event all over the world or you might catch him running one of his newest projects, which he launched with his friend Bun B.

Pete is a family man first, has been named one of the top 25 sneaker influencers in the world, but most of all knows how to conduct business. He will be sharing his come up and how he is on a mission to make sure others like him know they too can #bossup.

Besides the come up, both Reggie and Pete will teach us:

-How to get started in podcasting

-How to go from zero online presence to building an empire-Monetizing and forming partnerships around your podcast 

-Creating, packaging and marketing dope content 

-Setting your brand apart from all the others out there

-How to do it your way! 

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6:30 - 7:30 pm Networking, Pizza, Drinks and AlleyNYC Happy Hour

7:30 - 9:00 pm Fireside chat + Q&A with The Combat Jack Crew

9:00 -9:30 pm It's wrap, make connections 

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