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What is SquadUP?
SquadUP is the comprehensive event creation and management platform dedicated to creating an experience instead of just an event. SquadUP provides social sharing and integration, event-specific content curation from social platforms, real-time messaging and photo sharing, as well as mobile check in and registration. SquadUP supports event organizers from their first custom event webpage to the event itself-- even post-event where guests can look through the discussion, photos, and social media gallery to relive the experience.
Where can I find my ticket(s)?
  • Your ticket(s) is attached to the confirmation email you received after purchasing the ticket. You can show the ticket either on your phone or you can print it out. If you cannot find the email, search your inbox for "squadup".
  • Download the SquadUP app for iOS, log in and access your ticket(s) in the tickets section. Press the forgot password button if you forgot your password.
  • Log in to the SquadUP website using your email and password. Press the forgot password button if you forgot your password. Your ticket(s) can be accessed in the "Tickets" section.
  • If you checked out as a guest when buying your ticket, go to www.squadup.com, click “Sign In,” then press "Forgot Password” and enter your email address to recover your password. Once logged in you can access your ticket in the "Tickets" section.
Why did I receive a SquadUP Invitation?
A friend of yours is hosting an event and has invited you to get in on the action! Follow the link to learn more about your specific event.
How do I sign up? How do I create a profile?
You can create an account by connecting with Facebook or entering your email and password. After creating an account, you will be taken to the Upcoming Events page, where you view events that friends and friends of friends have joined. Signing in will allow you to join and host events, create groups, and find fun events being hosted by your friends or friends of your friends.
Why should I link my Facebook and email account?
SquadUP leverages pre-existing social networks to make your experience as social as possible. You can see all the fun events your Facebook friends are attending. You can also help spread event buzz by sharing events on your Facebook and Twitter accounts without ever leaving the SquadUP event page. Finally, with a linked Facebook account there’s no need to enter profile information or upload a picture.
Do I need to invite friends through SquadUP, or can I just send the link around?
You can share the event link to your Facebook or Twitter to help spread the word. The event link can be passed around via email or social networks, no need to individually invite guests. When you create an event you’ll be prompted to adjust the privacy settings.
What are Groups?
Groups are groups of friends organized for your convenience. Groups help you organize and quickly invite large groups to events, instead of selecting them one by one. If you are organizing a 3 on 3 charity basketball tournament, it would make sense to start the invitation process with your “Bball” Group that includes all the friends you hoop with. You could also quickly access the “sorority listserv” group to send out the mass invite for next weekend’s frat party. Groups allow you to merge or split up circles of friends and save for them future events.
What is a guest list on the contacts page?
A guest list is a list of people that have been invited to a previous event. When deciding whom to invite to your next event, it can be helpful to review whom you invited to your last one. This makes it easy to add groups of friends to an event instead of selecting one by one.


Are there SquadUP fees for free events?
There are absolutely no SquadUP fees for free events!
What is the SquadUP fee for paid events?
The SquadUP service fee is 3.5% + $1.99 per ticket. The SquadUP service fee is capped at $9.95. Credit card processing fee is 3.5% per transaction. Free events will always be just that-- free! We will never charge you or your guests for free events.
Who pays the fee?
The host can choose how they want the fees to be paid.
1) Guests pay the fees (credit card fee + SquadUP fee), or you can
2) Split the fees (guests pay the credit card fees and the host pays the SquadUP fee),
3) Host pays the fees (credit card fee + SquadUP fee). We will subtract the fees from the total amount collected for the event, visible to only the host in the funding info section of the event page.
How do guests pay for events?
Guests can pay with a credit card, debit card, PayPal or Apple Pay. Braintree runs our secure payment system, so we never have to handle sensitive information. You can store your credit or debit card(s) in the Braintree vault for future purchases. But don’t worry, SquadUP won’t have access to your sensitive information.
How safe are the transactions?
All transactions are 256-bit encrypted. If you opt to store your card, they will stored by Braintree. Braintree is our credit/debit card processing platform, and they are a level 1 PCI-DSS compliant service provider
My event is over. How do I get the money?
Log in and go to the dashboard page. Click on the "Cashouts" tab and press the red "Cashout" button for your event. We can send the money to the host’s PayPal, Venmo, Direct Deposit, or Dwolla account. If you prefer, we can also mail a check.
How long does it take for the host to get their money?
3 to 5 days depending on the payout method.

SquadUP reserves the right to hold funds for as long as we want. For events grossing more than $50,000, that time line can be up to 6 months. We can also elect to hold a portion of the funds. For event specific cashout inquires please email [email protected] or call (800) 210-0689.
Is there a way for to cash out before the event date?
In order to prevent fraud, we don’t pay out hosts until after the event. If you need to cashout your event early, please contact [email protected].
Can I cancel my purchase once I've signed up for an event?
Once you have purchased a ticket, you must contact your host about a refund. All SquadUP sales are final.


How do I edit my profile info?
You can edit your profile information by clicking on your name on the top bar and choosing the profile option from the dropdown menu.
How do I change my password?
You can change your password from the profile page. To reach the profile page, click on your name on the top bar and choose the profile option from the dropdown menu.
How can I request a new password?
You can request a new password by clicking on the “forgot password” link and entering the email associated with your SquadUP account. The “forgot password” link can be found in the “register” popup.


How do I host an event?
To host an event, click on the “create an event” button or tab. From there, you can set your event details like place, time, event name, description, and price. After publishing your event, you can invite your friends individually or from your groups / guest lists. Your personalized event page will allow you to track RSVPs and the funding.
How much should I charge for my event?
The price / prices of the your event ticket(s) are completely up to you! Factor in all costs (including, but not limited to): the venue, food, drinks, entertainment, supplies, etc.
Can I change event information or cancel an event as a host?
You can edit or cancel your event at any time. You have total control. To edit your event details, go to your event host page and click "edit event" on the top right of the event page. If you are making an important change to the event details, we recommend that you notify your guests by pressing the "contact guests" button on the event page and alerting them of the change. If you decide you want to cancel your event an email notification will automatically be sent out to all attending guests letting them know that the event has been cancelled. If you have already collected some funds for this event, all transactions will be automatically refunded at this time.
I added an event hashtag on the create event page. How does this work?
Any time a post on Instagram or Twitter uses your event related hashtag, that post will be added to your event page in the social gallery section. As the host, you can choose to delete any posts that you think are unnecessary. Guests can also flag posts as inappropriate. You can remove the social media gallery at any time by editing the event and unchecking “track hashtag”.
I added co-hosts on the create event page. What does this mean? What permissions are given to co-hosts?
Our platform allows you to add as many co-hosts to your event as you would like. You can add co-hosts from the create / edit event page. As the event creator, you have full control over what permissions your co-hosts will receive. You can give your co-hosts the ability to perform none, some, or all of the following functions: add to attending, cancel event, contact guests, copy event, download csv, edit event, invite friends, view guests, and/or view funding info.

If the person you want to add as a co-host is not in your contacts, you have two options. 1) You can add your co-host to your contacts, giving you full control over the new co-host’s permissions. 2) If you do not want to add your co-host to your contacts, you can choose to add your co-host’s name to the “Hosted by: ” section of the event page.
How do I copy an event?
If you are the host of the event, go to your event page and press the “copy event” link in the top right hand corner. Just pick a new start date, end date, and RSVP by date and you’re good to go. Just make sure that you choose a new banner and flyer photo for your new event.
Someone paid in cash or check and I want to add them to the attending list. How do I do that?
If you are the host of the event, go to your event page and press the “add to attending” button on the right hand side in the “Who’s Attending” section. Enter your guest’s name, email, ticket type and number of guests. They will receive a ticket to your event via email (if the event is ticketed) and will be added to the guest list.
Do you support multiple ticket prices?
Yes, you can add unlimited ticket prices. (Ex: Early Bird, VIP, General Admission, etc.)
Can an event have more than one hashtag?
No, not yet. We are working on multiple hashtag integration.
Do you support promo codes?
Yes. You can create an unlimited number of promo codes. You can choose the promo code name, percent discount vs. amount discount, and how many times that promo code can be used.
Can I customize my event URL?
Yes, you can change the event URL in the “Customize Your Event” section of the create event page. Your URL will always start with squadup.com/events/ but you can edit what comes after. Ex: squadup.com/events/MY-CUSTOM-EVENT-URL.
How do I check in guests on the day of my event?
With the SquadUP iOS App

Open the SquadUP iOS app. Click on the host tab in the bottom navigation bar. Click on your event. Click on the “check-in” option. From here, you can:

  1. Tap on the name of your attendee, or tap the + next to the name of your attendee (for when your attendees have multiple guests) to check them in
  2. Use the built in camera QR scanner to scan and validate the QR codes on the tickets of your attendees
  3. If you have a Linea Pro 5 2D Scanner, you can connect the scanner to your iPhone 5/5s and use our app with the external hardware for ticket scanning / validation.

Check-ins are cloud-based and auto-updating. This means that if you have 5 people working check-in at your event and Bouncer 1 checks John Doe in, the check-in list for Bouncers 2-5 will automatically update with a check mark next to John Doe’s name (without having to pull to refresh)!! There is no limit to the amount of simultaneous hosts checking in guests. Pretty sweet.

Watch our instructional video for an in-depth demonstration.

What can I do from the dashboard?
  • View recent transactions for your events. You can choose to view all transactions together, or sort by event. Transactions can be filtered by guest name, event name, date / time, and ticket total. From the transactions tab, you can also issue full or partial refunds to guests! If you fully refund an attendee, they will be removed from the guest list. And to top it off, there is no fee or additional charge to refund your attendees.
  • Run check in for your event. Once you select the relevant event, you can search for a users name, check them in, and view the time that they were checked in. You can also un-check-in a user if you so choose. Of course, our robust mobile check-in system is still fully intact. Consider this your web platform admin view.
  • We’ve added Will Call for your event. When creating a ticket, you now have the option to designate that ticket as a Will Call ticket. If a guest purchases a will call ticket, they will receive a Will Call receipt, not an actual ticket. They can use this Will Call receipt to pick up their event bracelet / ticket / pass at Will Call. From the dashboard, you click the Will Call tab, select your event, and check in all of your Will Call guests. If you guest does not have their receipt on them, you can pull up their receipt which contains the last 4 of their credit card number in order to validate.
  • Cash-outs are now in one place. This makes life especially easy for people hosting multiple events on SquadUP at the same time. Quickly see which of your events are eligible for cash-out and initiate your cashout request from the dashboard.
  • Charts for days. Have you ever wanted a high end overview of all of your events? Or the ability to track specific metrics for one event in particular? From the charts tab, you can choose your metric, your event (or all active events), and timeframe and we instantly display your data in a digestible chart. With all of these options to choose from, we hope that our charts provide an opportunity to get a better understanding of your events' success.
Can I refund my guests?
Yes, absolutely. You can issue both full refunds and partial refunds.

Full refunds will refund the guest the full ticket prices + fees, invalidate the guest's ticket(s), and remove the guest(s) from the attending list.
Partial refunds will refund the guest the exact amount that you enter. No tickets will be invalidated, and all guests will remain on the attending list.

To issue a refund:
  1. Click on the "Dashboard" link
  2. Click on the "Transactions" tab
  3. Select the relevant event from the dropdown
  4. Search for the name of the guest you would like to refund
  5. Click the red "refund" button
  6. Choose full refund or partial refund


How can I add tickets to my passbook?
Once you have purchased a ticket to an event, you can add the ticket to passbook by going to the "Tickets" screen, tapping on your ticket, and tapping Add to Passbook.
How can I invite friends on mobile?
Two ways: 1) From the event page, you can press the "share" icon in the top right hand corner to share the link via text message, email, Facebook, or Twitter. 2) You can press the "invite friends" button on the event page. This will allow you to invite contacts from your address book and from your Facebook contacts.
Do I need to sign up for an event in order to participate in that event's chat?
You can always view the chat room, but you must sign up for the event in order to post to the chat room.
Where does the Social Gallery pull from?
The social gallery pulls all posts with the event specific hashtag from Instagram, and Twitter.
I need help getting to my event. Is there any way to get directions?
Yes, if you go to the event page and click on the map / location details, you will see an option to get directions to the event location.
What can I search for?
You can search for Event Name, Tags (ex: tech, fashion, happy hour, etc.), Location, or Host Name.
Can I view private events in the app?
Only if you have previously signed up for the event or you have been invited to the event.
How can I create an event?
Press the (+) button in the top right hand corner of the upcoming page or the host page. You can also click the "Create Event" button in the footer of the upcoming events page.
I want to contact the host of my event. How do I do so?
Tap on the avatar of the host on the event page.
I would like to stop receiving chat notifications. What should I do?
Go to the settings tab and turn off the "chat room notifications" option.
It looks like my Facebook / address book contacts didn't load. What should I do?
Make sure that you provided permission for SquadUP to access your contacts. If you declined when first asked, you can fix this by opening up the settings app, choosing the privacy option, selecting contacts, and flicking the toggle on (green) for SquadUP.
How do I logout of the app?
Go to the settings page and press the "logout" button.
Is there anything I can do on the website that I cannot do in the app?
There are several features that are only available to hosts via the SquadUP web application. These features include: adding guests to the attending list, managing groups, importing contacts, making donations, adding co-hosts to your event and managing co-host permissions.

Our goal is to be the world’s only mobile first event planning and management platform and we are working hard to ensure that every feature available through our web portal is made available to hosts using the mobile app.
Can I add guests to the attending list via mobile create event?
You cannot add guests to the attending list from the mobile app. In order to add guests to the attending list, please use squadup.com from a desktop computer.
I am experiencing issues with the app. What should I do?
Go to the "settings" page and press the "Help and feedback" button. Please describe your issue in the body of the email.


Is SquadUP meant for charities, businesses, organizations, colleges, or individuals?
All of the above! The SquadUP platform works well for anybody or any organization planning an event. If you are a charity, business, or organization that would like to learn more about using SquadUP for your event(s), please email [email protected].
How can I connect with SquadUP on social media?
Follow us, like us, and share with us! We are "SquadUP" or @SquadUP on all forms of social media with links below!
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/SquadUP
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/SquadUP
INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/squadup